I think Pakistan will win the World Cup

Mother of all matches.
India vs Pakistan . I think pakistan has a higher potential to wish

Yeah, I agree. I still think India is going to take the win, pairing them against Sri Lanka, which had a very close call against New Zealand yesterday.

I suppose we'll know soon, the match starts in a few hours.

Most probably pakistan

The Melbourne Cup might stop a nation. India versus Pakistan in the World Cup stops a subcontinent

So true....:)

the Pakistanis may feel at once affronted and motivated. They, too, have come a long way, further than expected. In that regard they have nothing to lose, or nothing except a nation's foolishly attached pride.

India's strength lies in the depth and vigour of their batting. Sachin Tendulkar remains the master of all he surveys, but though the spotlight is still on him the pressure has been spread wider. Virender Sehwag is properly fit again, Virat Kohli looks at home, Suresh Raina will take confidence from his vital innings against Australia, and Mahendra Dhoni knows his mustard.

India has the upper hand, Pakistan did however proofed not to be under estimated.

Thanks for the link DAS.

India has never lost to Pakistan in a world cup match.

According to what you say debasisdas, you seem confident that india stand a better winning chance. Am i right?

Looks like Pakistan is having a tough time.:)

India was on 260/9 in 50 overs.

Pakistan currently on 106/4 in 26 overs, ouch! They need a run rate of 5.2, currently on 4.08. With 4 wickets gone and 155 to go, I foresee a loss for Pakistan.

How can pakistan lost to India:(

India do U ready fight with Sri Lanka......!!!!!!!!!:D

How can pakistan lost to India:(

They are doing it from day one.

They always manage to loose to India in world cup, that is what i say is consistence. :twisted:

I hope pakistan can win for once but now let's concentrate on india vs sri lanka

India may win or would win

India may win or would win

Small correction

India will win.

Small correction

India will win.

No Correction

Indian Will Win.

I hope pakistan can win for once but now let's concentrate on india vs sri lanka

Keep the Hope Buddy :P :D

Yeah, maybe next time pakistan will win. Pakistan are always so close to winning but every time they are knocked out. So india will win, why no one support sri lankan. Do you guys disagree that sri lankan may stand a winning chance

India has won the Semi Finals and will be the definite winner.

Clash of the legends

Sri lanka's Muralitharan vs India's Tendullar

top bowler vs best batsman

By the way, Who says there are no one support to Sri Lanka.......:icon_question:
last final also Sri lanka had selected..:icon_wink:In 20\20 world cup also show there confidence....

Yes,Can agree with "jingda"....:)
Greatest value two persons will be meet in there.....:icon_rolleyes:
Don't you like to remind England Vs Sri Lanka match......:D

LOL, but nice one

What is the nice one?

India will be desperate to win Sri lanka

Well you could say so Andersnilson, they have a higher chance of winning, is a pity australia was knocked out too early

Congratulations team India.

The true champions.

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True champions indeed. :)

:)Congratulations India.........
Start with grade fielding!!

So nice partnership, buildup for won.....:)

India won, but Tendullar was not impressive enough. But heh, india still won in the right