I don't know about you all, but I love pies and I love cakes. But put them together, and what do you get? A Cherpumple Pie Cake Yuuuuuuummmmmmm!;)

Hahaha, without opening the link, this looks like a cherry, pumpkin and apple pie, mixed TOGETHER... That should be a new experiencing taste for most I'm sure.;)

I usually figure if I'm in disagreement with AD, it's good to take a second look, because it's likely me that's wrong.
So I took a second look.

I still think it looks gross.

Ideal for folks who can't make up their mind which dessert to eat. Such an easy recipe!

I am ready to bake this one!

I hate sweet things i want to have spices in cakes also

Blueberry cake for me. Just thinking of me made me hungry;)

Kangaroo tail and cherry cake. Suit well for Aussies

hahaha. I'm definitely going Roo shooting tonight, perfect day for it :)

Whether must be bright and sunny there. Anybody like cakes here? Other cakes beside Cherpumple pie cake.

Meh, not really sunny, but it's still, no breeze. I like this cinnamon cake mum use to make back in the day.

Why would someone ruin a cake by putting nuts in it :/

hahaha, i just use lots of sugar.

Because i'm sweet :)