my name is Stéphane, i'm french, i live in France in a beautiful place (see the link below) called Vercors, i'm a christian, i play bass in a reggae band, and i love programming...

I'm interested for quite some time to Python but it is only fairly recently that I decided to hang in my discovery and my learning (non-professional, staff only) of this language.
Beside that, I use a lot Php (and of course html, css, javascript), so I think I could be interested in sites development with Python ... But I'm not yet to this point!

Photos of the place where i live:


Thank you to receive me there!


Ps 1: i've started a new thread in the python forum, please take a look and give help if you can
Ps 2: i hope my english is understandable...

Not only is your English perfectly understandable, but actually very good indeed. Much better than my French, it has to be said!

Thank you happygeek! :)