Hello all,

I'm from NJ, & in the automotive industry, and looking to expand in web design (starting w/my own). I was recommended this site because of some desperate advice needed. But besides that, this looks like a very cool & informative site. I am in the beginning stages of designing my own website!! I actually opened two new businesses this year & look forward to chatting/learning quite alot on my own (& tips from whoever) on my websites. I've taught myself the basics, & now I'm ready to learn (as much as I possibly can).



Hello HMB! Welcome to DaniWeb! :)

You can start with what you want to spend on. There is alot of Free and open source tools you can use too. When it comes to buying software for new businesses, you can always look at the Free stuff first. It's just as good. So what do you have in mind??

Welcome I can help you out with a lot of things Not as much as most of the people here though when it comes to web design. It's a hobby. Can't help you much with scripts or anything. I'm still new to a lot of areas ;)

But ideas, critism (constructive of course), and phpbb Forums. I can help you out on with no problem at all