ive been tryin to burn these disney movies for my kids but i cant figure it out. i have nero ultra editon 6 with the codec addon. when i switch the device to dvd mode or w/e it has no options to burn a dvd, it will only let me burn on cd's

there avi files...

please help!!!!!! months tryin and like 20 discs wasted :sad:

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yea i have a dvd burner and nero, it wont let me burn avi files or dvds i not that dumb. i tried dvd santa but it was the demo and it sucked


I want DVD Xcopy back. But they are taking even their valid copies offline. That was an amazing peice of software.

Hey umm.. Why don't you try and place it in a dvd format. You were talking about .avi .. That's not a dvd format. But you will have to use nero to put it in that format. I know nero has a great help rescource. Check it out. ;)


Did you read my reply at all? You wont be able to play a burnt dvd unless you decrypt it. Secondly, a normal dvd is over 8 gigs(multilayer) and a blank dvd is only about 4 gigs....That's why I ask if you shrank the video. Once you do all that, it will be in perfect .vob format for you to burn.

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