Name: Susheel
Nickname: Nani
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Earth
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: India
Age: 26

Hobbies: Nothing but my passion is Piano.

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Music: Everything until it does not hurt ears.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (yes i am from non-technical background)

Favorite TV Shows: TV Sucks.

Favorite Sports: Kabaddi(Google it), actually no time for play.

Favorite Video games: No time and interest.

Programming Languages: Learning Java, and trying to learn Python.

Dis-likes: lol, got to accept, got to move on.

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Welcome Susheel. I can't call you Nani as that's what my kids call my mother! :)

Lol, actually that is what it means in Hindi language.

Thanks for the welcome, Sir.

I read your Bio, you are one awesome person i have met who is related to IT

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