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where u trying to dial out to? usually u put a +(country code) then std code ie +44 for england then 1375 for (std code) omitting the zero. should look something like this then +441375 then the persons number ie +441375 100100 remember to omit the zero though. on websites you will see the country code then the zero will be in brackets then followed by the rest of the number like this +44 (0)1375 100100. hope this helps.



Don't worry about it being a year old or so. It is in the system, and the search engines can find it. I found it to be interesting... I have never dialed international before.



OK, just to make this clear.

The + is equal to 00 from the US. On some cell phones, you can actually dial a +

So, 00 - country code - city code - phone number

I dial Spain all the time to talk to my wife´s family. So, to call Barcelona (no I´m not going to give the real number), I´ll use the old standby they use in movies: So that would correspond to 00 Spain Barcelona phone#


I put in + when I dial from my cell phone and a 00 when I dial from my phone.

If I have to dial in Pakistan from somewhere else I dial like this + 92 42 1234567 ..... 92 is the country code, 42 is the city code and 1234567 is the phone number.


If you get an internet phone like dialpad, you don´t have to worry about all this and it costs about 4c per minute almost everywhere in the world.


I you are looking for cheap rates and good quality I know of a very good company.

If you are interested, let me know and I will e-mail information.

best regards,
Olafur Johannsson

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