Hello guys,
It's about time I get a new computer and I thought it better be a laptop this time. I am looking to buy a laptop which will be just as good as any modern desktop pc with all the functionalities. I dont care much about portability and weights, may be just occassionaly I have to take it here and there. I know it's always about what I am going to do with my pc that is important in buying a computer. On the extreme cases I will be playing the latest pc games with pixel shader support, and might be using it to edit video or to run photoshop and 3D studion MAX, but not as a professional ofcourse. I just want to know who/what makes the best desktop-replacement notebooks. I dont want to go through all those research, I just need you guys to tell me what is good and I am gonna go and get it.

One thing, I plan to use it for the next 3 years without any "major" upgrades and dont want to feel like, "hey my pc is obsolete now" within the next three years. If three is a big number than make it two.
Waiting for some directions.

Thank you.

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Alienware ALL the way. I wouldn't buy anything else. I have a Dell which is had nothing but SERIOUS problems ever since I bought it. Their tech support is decent under warranty, but the quality is crap. We actually have two of the same Dell laptops. One with major issues, the other with small issues, but has some growing concern.

Anyways, take a look at what alienware offers. If you want a desktop replacment, then they have it.


Well, Alienware does seem to offer some great gadgets there, definitely stylish. However, they seemed quite expensive to me. I actually liked the MJ-12® m7700i.
But there are several things I need to know. Which is better? Intel Pentium M processors or the normal desktop processors that this particular notebook uses? In a review by Cnet it said that this model is less efficient because it uses Intel Pentium 4 processors instead of Intel Pentium M 4 processor. On the other hand the Alienware seemed to project it as a plus point putting this feature in their products advantages list. Could anyone tell me what would be a good choice for a notebook processor,
Intel Pentium M-4, Intel Mobile processor or should I go for AMD?

This is what Alienware said:
Profound Processing Performance
Typically, notebook systems feature less powerful mobile processors in order to remove excess heat and reduce power drains which are typically the most important factors for notebook systems. The MJ-12® m7700i was designed from the ground up to maximize power and minimize heat in order to support Intel's full-speed Pentium 4 desktop processors. With clock speeds of up to 3.8 GHz and features like 1MB of Cache, an 800 MHz Front Side Bus and Hyper-Threading technology, the MJ-12® m7700i makes no sacrifices in power or performance.

and this is what CNET said:
...this notebook only has a Pentium 4 processor, which is considerably less efficient than some similarly priced notebooks. For example, the Toshiba Qosmio G15-AV501 , a 9.7-pound notebook at around $2, 155, has a Pentium M processor.

I am a bit confused...

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