Name: Cathy
Nickname: Cath (not very original there...)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Don't know, Don't weight myself
Hair: Somewhere between brown & blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Age: 33

Hobbies: Craft, Orienteering, Gardening,

Relationship Status: Married with 2 kids

Favorite Music: Varied, as a typical gemini that changes from day to day.

Education: ..That was too long ago...

Favorite TV Shows: Bones, Desperate Housewives, SATC, Rafters.

Favorite Sports: To Play: Tennis, Orienteering; To Watch: Tennis, Football (Aussie Rules), I hate cricket - just ask my husband.

Favorite Video games: I love my Wii.

Programming Languages: VB, and soon to start learning Python.

Dis-likes: .

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Hi Cathy,

Welcome to daniweb.

You should not hate cricket, specially when the cricket world cup is going on.


Welcome to Daniweb Cathy. As far as rugby is concerned, I'm with you. I am however a big cricket fan as well. You had Shane, emphasis on HAD :), is that why you hate cricket? Its nice to see someone closer to me than most.. :)(South Africa)


Ooh Australia! I would LOVE to live in australia. Got a few friends up here in Missouri from queensland, SO jealous!

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