Hy every one. I no what my English not so well. I'm sory for it.
I am from russia. And recently i start learn programming at web. My frend tell what the best practice an first use javasript. I start write my first script. I decided write a drop menu. Only at JavaScript i think what it good for understand this. And than i to have same question about it, i start write at .ru forum. But no body response. I rummage heap of page in net and write question to hope get reply. And only at this forum i take my first reply. It start very good for me. Hope this is not end reply for me.
Hope you are understand me. And who may help me to lean English what i gooder write and smb make help me to and my thread help people who only start study programming lenguard. Write to mail, may cause correspond.

Hi, welcome :)

Sorry, I am having some trouble understanding you. I think what you're trying to say is that you want to begin web programming, and so your friend recommended you start with JavaScript. You decided to write a dropdown menu as your first script.

You were having some problems with it, so, being from Russia, you posted your question on an .ru programming forum, but you didn't receive any replies. So then you tried this site, and you received a response. So it was a good first start for you here at DaniWeb, and you hope it will continue. And you hope people will understand you :)

Hi kudenv

Welcome to the Dani web community.
nice to see you here.

Hy, yes you are right. You really say what i want. You very understanding my English. :). May be i may write to you mail if you have some time to corresponding with me. I may tell about my place where i resides. And some well about russia.

ehe he he :D

now the gal is in trouble

translating non-english english to queen's english.

Welcome to daniweb, and thanks cscgal for the translation, that's the daniweb spirit.

Welcome to daniweb

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