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Hi phil, welcome to daniweb. Try going to geek lounge.There are regular senior poster there and many fun topics to discuss.

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Can we stop saying welcome and maybe something else. Maybe congrats for being a part of daniweb


Well thanks to everyone who has welcomed me. I feel like I've arrived! :)

I'll definitely pop over to the geek lounge.. I'm thinking I should probably say something meaningful to make it worthwhile reading this... so erm, a little bit more about me I suppose.

I live and work in London, it's turned into spring in the last couple of weeks and it's great to head out with the dog when he doesn't come back looking like some kind of rain collector. :)


Ok, try going to geek lounge often there are many fun topics to dicsuss. Maybe the winner of ICC world cup or is your life hell? Since you are a C# developer try going to the software development at the top and select the C# categories. Try your best to help out there.

Good Luck


Phil bad boy, try to be more active in posts. You only have 6 posts currently. Try going to the thread that you are experience with, if daniweb is your hobby, you do not need to spend whole day at the website, 3o minutes will do. Participate more

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Oh, so it is now your job to determine if others are participating enough?

Hi All -

Just arrived here at Daniweb, and am looking around to see what's going on. I'm a c# developer and someone interested in all things internet for some considerable time now.


Welcome to Daniweb Phil. :)

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