Which countries do you support and think that they will win the next fifa world cup. Any opinions?

South Africa last, Spain First.

I support brazil. Brazil have the ability to win

Its still a long while ahead before the NEXT world cup soooo, a lot can change.:)

Yeah, who is your favourite player in spain

I think I give to either one of Germany, Spain, and Netherlands, they all seem to have a good amount of young players, I believe so much that Germany will be in the semis, they have proved to be consistent over the last 9 years

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England! Woo.

p.s. I know it won't happen

Englad in this state have n chance of winning. sorry but no offence. Argentina may win

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I agree. I think we are getting better though with players like wilshere/rodwell coming through but it'l take a few years. Can see Argentina, Holland or Germany winning. I hope USA gets a national team that can compete with the very best

Germany has a lot of risig young stars while england most of their player are not young, germany stand a better chance than england but argentina has lionel messi. Holland has been very consistent in the world cup.

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Yeah, I don't know if you saw Englands last friendly against Ghana it is more a young team with Andy Carrol, Young, Walcott, Cahill, Johnson etc the old players had to go they didn't well at the world cup at all. Wouldn't like to see gerrard, joe cole etc playing for england again. Who do you support jingda? national and at club level?

Well i still think it's Germany, but of late I've been thinking that a surprise might actually happen, and a team with an underdog tag might win.

For england i hope frank lampard is playing, but when the world cup starts he will be too old and not his usual self again, scoring goals. Germany will be dying for a win. Paul is dead. :(

Germany has talent. Going to win the next FIFA world cup. Spain also has a good chance. They have the best players in the world! Germany also has a chance because most of its players are young and have more stamina than those from Spain.

Spain is euro champions:P

Which countries do you support and think that they will win the next fifa world cup. Any opinions?

I will again support to SPAIN.

Spain has the highest votes for now. Why no one support Ivory Coast