I know this is kind of late but in case you folks didn't know, Japan is still trying to recover from the aftereffects of the calamity which struck it few days back. In these horrid times, every bit of sentiment and help counts. No help given with good intentions is a 'small' help.

In case you can want to lend a helping hand by contributing financially to the relief efforts (which I think everyone should) but are unaware of a tried and tested channel which is not part of the 'sick scam' which some people are trying to pull, I would highly recommend the Google crisis response page.


The donations made from here are safe, trusted and go directly to the Japanese Red Cross. Please don't shy away from donating just because you think you aren't donating much, a small donation is better than no donation.

Remember, 'today you, tomorrow me'. Thank you.

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Please help the Japan survivors by donating to the japan red cross. they need our support if not japan will be wipe out and there will be no more anime or manga


Ok, thanks. have you donated yet crunchie. And it seems that you are supervising and correcting my post instead of contributing to it


Ok, thanks.

No worries :).

have you donated yet crunchie.


And it seems that you are supervising and correcting my post instead of contributing to it

That's my job.


Well, thanks anyway since correcting people post is your job. Are you a daniweb administrator


Yes. Correcting and advising. I advised you that you can edit your posts instead of posting one after another :).

Anyway. Back on topic :).

I will not be donating as my government will be making a donation on my behalf :).

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