All for one, One for all

For all who are reading this one

Those who are reading are invited

Invited guest who are seated in rows

... as rows of flowers in a field.

Flowers bloomed across the field at spring

Until it reached the spring of life.

Death comes and ends everything

And even ends eternal life with time.

Eternal Life is God's Life

For God would not exist without life.

Life without Cause would not exist

Everything will cease to exist without

Without water every living thing will die

... and death will die soon after.

... and we will sacrifice another lamb together.

...the sacrifice lamb is the Christ

..., for Christ is in our hearts.

...and Christ protect our hearts from the devil.

(Blackiey, one word too many. If I were a math teacher, I'd hold you back a grade just for that. :D, joke)

The devil is not a living being.

The devil is the lord of undeads

For undeads need a lord as leader.

Captnjj, please read the few rules and guidelines for this thread.

I guess I'll start this thread again, since the lord of the undeads killed himself and all the undeads died. :D

Near a pond, there is water.

In the water, there are eggs

Easter eggs with penguins in them.
(saw that Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011) movie, liked it)

They hatched into rabbit penguins with beaks.