(rabbit penguins? I want one! :D)

With rabbit ears for feet and tail.

Red eyes glaring with spiked tails swinging

Destroying everything within their glaring path.

Like that also can o.O

Even their path was in destruction.

For love was nowhere in their sight.
(brutal little s.o.b.'es, those rabbit penguins :D)

Because in actual fact, love is behind.

... the wall in the fact kingdom.

My kingdom has only one wall.

That wall is my strength against beasts.

Beasts rage against my heart; rage, rage! :-)

...for it will be for my advantage.

My will is sufficient to transcend obscurity.

...and crush the will to protect life.

To read the thread is pain!!

commented: ROFLMAOOOOO!!!:D:.. thanx to bud.llght of course.:)..: +0

To laugh often keeps the soul healthy.

... and a story is no today.

..., for I post to."ae"nd tomorrow.

...and do not rest more than yesterday.

..., because I care about the day after.

I see heaven's light, 2 miles back.