I stopped laughing from that yesterday

I started laughing about that today.

Today is just, forever guided by truth.

The truth can't be changed by anyone.

...and cloud has a sky to cover.

SKY HAS lots of stars in it

..., for IT has lots of love.

Love has lots of variations sir.

Out of many variations, only one result.

RESULT is ONLY thing i hate

Another thing, hate yourself and not me.

i am not going to play computer games any more....lol...hahaha....just joking

To start fresh, no one must die, they must finally live; thus, a new beginning.

The key to .My Heart, is yours.

, for IT was never the .Mine key.

Thats makes no sense to me :D

Never again will the key be found

KEY must be FOUND coz it belongs to a your brother's secret compartment.