List alphabetically ways to lose your job. :D

Ill start with A,next person do B,etc.........

A... ALLOW your friends to come to your work place and have their band practice..

B: BRING your porn collection to work.

D - DON'T bother to show up...for a week.

E - ERASE all of the companies product code...

F - FLush all your work down the toilet bowl

G - Give your boss a call @ 1am and demand he give you access to the company safe so you can do the stuff "He isnt capable of doing",laugh in his ear,etc......

H - Hack the boss computer and still on his bank information and money

I - Ignore the workplace rules

J - Juggle the boss clothes around, in order to have his clothes back, the boss will give you a year vacation. This is call lose work in ABC style. LOL

K - Kneel on the boss's office carpet while you beg him not to fire you, but you want to confess that you were the one who put brooklax in his coffee!

L - Laugh out loud at the boss pathetic situation

V - Mix Viagra in boss Tea when he is alone with his Secretary. B-)

N - Note what he is doing with his secratary and tell his wife

O- Often mix his wife and GF calls ;)

K - Kick your boss' ass and go to jail

P- Put your right hand in his wife's dress, and put your left in his daughter's(or mistress's) panty.

commented: That's not funny, it's just sick and fkd up. +0

Q- Questioning about salary hike and holidays list daily...

R-Running around your employers home and burning his/her home :)