I was just thinking and realized that a lot of people like to fantasize and I just decided to see what you'd rather be doing presently.

I'd rather be programming, specificly making audio softwares, but i still have to go through the process of learning, well I guess life is a process and not an event, If you try to skip some things you might as well be missing them forever.

Hmmm. Seeing how it is impossible to live in the future, I find it difficult to answer the poll question the way it is written.

What I'm trying to ask is that I believe that at every point in time you have to live in the future, if you live in the present and have achieved something, you tend to want to relax, that's not good, similarly if you live in the present and have achieved nothing, you tend to want to feel discouraged, so I think that at all times the best thing is to always live in the future of things you will like to do, what you'd like to become and the more things you'd want to do.
Hope I've been able explain the poll.
I just want other people opinion, that's the reason for the poll.

To me though, that is something that children do, not adults. It's like living a fantasy or daydreaming.

No problem, that's your opinion and i respect that.

No disrespect intended. Only what I believe :)

No come on, it's a free world, we have to respect other people decisions, that's why i started the poll anyway, no man is an island of knowledge.

I'd rather be in my house programming now, but I have to attend to customers at my work place, we don't always get what we want.

i'd rather be on stage singing and dancing and having a good time

Are you a musician,
Anyway I'd rather be coding, but still stuck with people sending me up and down.

Right now? I'm good. I'm actually working on a project that involves writing new code, so I'm quite content. Prior to this I was doing client implementations and support, which is slightly less enjoyable than being repeatedly punched in the face.

Good for you Narue, well I take solace in this coding is on the way.

thanks to all who posted on this thread. I think as at now it's fair 50-50. :D

You dream you be what you want, and your present is what you used to want, my present is practicing java, which is not going so interested, but i am still, keeping it on, and dreaming the best, fantasizing the best i could want.

Is it good to live in the future<<< You don't live the future, you make the future, you built your dreams

Thanks i think semantics matter, but the idea is the same. :D