I'm torn on the A+ certification. I've read lots of different opinions,views, and stories regarding getting this certification. A lot of the opinions I read stated it generally wasn't worth attaining, especially if you want to own a business. A lot of employers made statements that seemed rather snide towards people who did get A+ certification, and put it on their resumes.

I'm sure when it comes to being employed by someone else, your experience matters. It matters in any case really.

So lets say your a compliant person who has dealt with computers for literally all of your life. You know how to take a computer apart and reassemble, how to fix OS issues,diagnose hardware problems, do some above average stuff such as setting up dual booting or making your own server, and so on and so fourth. Would you recommend this person try to acquire A+ certification?

What are your opinions on it?

If you want to be taken seriously, pursue a degree at a reputable college which includes certifications. The only way to move in the industry, besides having the right contacts, is to have a combination of certifications, a college degree, and relevant experience.

BTW, if you're starting out, you'll need to move where the jobs are. Most hiring managers won't give you the time of day unless you live in the area. I've heard of hiring managers throwing away resumes based on the applicant's location.

If you plan on working for yourself, I still say get a degree from a reputable college which includes certifications. Independent contractors are, IMO, judged more strictly than a regular job applicant.

For the $500 or so it costs for the certification, minus the tax deductability of that toward "business expenses" to further your education, you're ultimately paying maybe $360 in real cost for the test plus the time and opportunity cost of studying and taking the exam. It's not a huge investment to gain a credential of knowing some baseline level of knowledge, so why not? Mind you, some stuff like MCSE may be more valuable in the marketplace, but both have some inherent value.

I am currently studying to take the A+ exam, I was advised to start with this certification as it shows a good base knowledge. However, I plan to go beyond the A+ to other certifications as well, because let's face it this industry requires constant learning and growing as the technology grows and changes.