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Welcome to daniweb community, try to ask your question in the forums and i know you'll get your answers. welcome on board.


welcome to daniweb. Try be more familiar with the different forums and post in the one you think is suitable to your questions. Different forums will have different expertz and they will help you solve your problem. If you want some help i can teach you.

1) You can go control panel and see the threads you are subscrive too. Threads that you have posted before will be automatically subscribe to you
2) You can also visit threads you posted before via your email. Go and check your email for any notifications like who have last posted.
3) Go and be more familiar with the rules. Member Rules
4) Anything just post don't be shy. We are all here to either seek help or help others and the first step to seeking help is to ask.

Hope you enjoy your stay in daniweb

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