Granted, you get anything which actually turns out to be nothing.

I wish I was a famous musician.

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you get anything tattooed on your forehead....
i wish life was simple

Sorry my dam thing broke

wish granted nothing in your life is remained simple.

I wish if I can turn into a tiger at any time.

wish granted but you the size of an ant :P
I wish i had a awesome computer

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Granted but it is 1986 Awesome!

I wish I had a harem of beautiful women.

Granted: but only for 10 seconds...

I wish I was a little bit taller...

10 seconds is probably enough!

Granted, you just grew a bit, not a byte but a bit!

I wish I could go to Mars.

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Granted but then your rocket will run out of fuel.

I wish I could play in the US Open

Granted, but you also win by cheating and get banned forvever
I wish for of alot anything good

Granted but only for 1 second

I wish I could fly

granted you get alot of good things... but you die from over excitement.
i wish i could get pad more and work less

Granted but then a new boss would come and give you less money and more work

I wish I could get GTA 5

You got GTA5 but there was no disc inside and no refunds.
I wish I had a room made of gold.

granted but theres no windows or doors so you slowing asphyxiate to death.

i wish i could find a women that loves playing games as much as i do

Granted. But you're stuck playing Hotel Mario with her for eternity.

I wish I was a dinosaur.

Granted... hey look, a meteor :D

I wish I had an Iron Man suit

Granted: and everyone calling you born mad.

I wish i could fly.

Granted, you hit a glass door...

I wish I was a pixel.

Granted: and you blow blasted (puffffff) :D

I wish I could pass through glasses.

Granted, you couldn't pass through brick ;)

I wish i could be fat.

Granted. But you're stuck in bed for the rest of your life.
I wish I could conduct electricity from my hands.

Granted. But you enter a space-time vortex fighting off lighting being conducted from my hands for the rest of your life. XD
I wish I could be Fred for a day.

Granted but then your mom would cahnge your name back to your original name.

I wish I cold be the king of the universe!

And when the peasants revolt, you find they are really, really revolting.

I wish I could become invisible.

Granted but you can't converse with anyone for the rest of your life.

I wish I could have a milkshake.

Granted but then when you go to drink it, it shakes to much and spills all over your face.

I wish Apple would come out with a new product.

Granted. You get the iPhone 6. There's nothing spectular about it.

I wish I could have some pie.

granted, you get a giant number ;D

I wish my dog(s) can speak english