Granted... but your dog calls your and asshole every 30 sec's for the rest of your life.

i wish i had my own house

Granted but it comes with a mechanical dog and he calls your and ####### every 30 sec's for the rest of your life. :)

I wish I knew Google's Algorithm

Grantedbut then you woill get Alzimers and forget everything!

I wish I was the smartest person in the world (wait I am right?) :)

Granted -- but then you are abducted by aliens who want to know how a human got to be that smart.

I want to live long enough to be able to visit the first Martian city.

Granted - You're never returning to Earth.

I wish I had a mechanical dog that calls me an ####### every 30 sec's for the rest of my life. :)

Granted, but then the mechanichal dog will get really tired of saying the same thing and it starts saying other things. It gets really annoying and dies. :0

I wish I had a dog and a cat.

Granted, it's the reincarnation of my mechanical dog split into two forms (and you know what that means...)

I wish for a vacation.

Granted, you were ditched on an abandoned island with no food...

i wish i was never ruined

Granted but then your friend will get really sick and you will get ruined again, :(

I wish I could never get caught in anything

Granted, but you were just caught attempting to not get caught in anything :D

I wish i was a zombie

Granted -- but someone just put a knife into your head.

I wish I had all of Bill Gate's money.

Granted, all his stakes & holdings dropped severly and your now broke.

I wish i was fat.

Granted, but you accedentaly pumped your belly with air, but then you were like a grape and you rolled around and accendently rolled on a nail and you popped!

I wish I had an 8 pack

Granted, here is an 8 pack of beer :D

I wish i had a dollar for every dollar i didn't have

Granted, but then you will lose that dollar for every dollar you have so you don't have a dollar for every dollar you have. :o

I wish I had a really low voice

Granted, your throat got soar and now you sound like Justin Bieber.

I wish i had no wish :D

Granted, now you have no wish :o

I wish I could have 4000 reputation points and no one can bring them down. :)

Granted, Dani banned you...

I wish i was dead

Granted -- you are instantly teleported into the year 3,000 when you will be nothing more than a speck of dust.

I wish for joy this Christmas.

Granted, the earth exploded...

I wish i was chuck norris :D

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Granted, but then you will go back in time and be yourself again. :o

I wish Nelson Mendella didn't die. :o

granted, he was assasinated.

i wish my dogs can talk

Granted -- you can't shut them up they talk so much!

All I want for Chiristmas is my front two teeth.

Granted, but then the Christmas tree will fall on your head and break your front to teeth!

I wish I was imortal.

Granted but after 200 years you'll wish you were mortal.

I wish I could only eat Kraft Dinner and not be ill-affected by it.

Granted, Kraft Dinner goes out of buisness and you starve to death!

I wish I was famous

granted -- but the pararazzi hound you to death.

I whsh I had a big cookie

Granted, you ate it, no more cookie. :(

I wish I was ant sized

Granted, "Ewwww, what did i just step on?" :D

I wish aliens destroyed the world :D

Granted: but you were the only one able to get off planet and is force to find a new home planet alone......

I wish i had a girlfriend

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