Granted but you have no time for that!

I wish I had a Rolex watch!

Granted but it broke as soon as u touched it.

I wish it wasnt the new years.

Granted, it was the old years.

I wish i beat mayweather in a boxing match

commented: lol :) +0

Granted, but now it's the old years so he isn't born. :o

I wish I could get 10 reputation points :)

Granted - but they are negative rep points.

I which I could see snow again.

Granted, i sent you a postcard ;D

I wish i was a cat.

Granted, a dog bit your head off.

I which I had a Ph.D.

Granted, the dog that bit my head off from my previous wish ate your phd degree :D

I wish i finished sophmore year in high school already!

Granted, you're now 80 years old and finished sophmore year in 1940.

I wish I never heard of this game.

Granted, "Hey, AD! Did you hear about this new game..."

I wish i was as old as AD :D

Granted, now all your bones creek, you're too fat, can't sleep at night, and have nightmares about wishing your life away.

Granted, now all your bones creek, you're too fat, can't sleep at night, and have nightmares about wishing your life away.

Uh... i don't want to be that old anymore!

btw, what is your wish?

Too late -- you can't take back a wish.

I wish I knew everything about everything.

Granted, a man killed you and took out your brain hoping to achieve the same level of knowledge as you.

I wish i was 16 already!

Granted, remeber, now it's the old years so you can't turn 16! :o

I wish I was invisible!

granted, "Hey look, a car!"

i wish i was a vegetable

Granted,"Yum, nice vegetable!"

I wish I was never interupted. :(

Granted, "Hey man, why can't you speak?"

I wish i was the batman

Granted, no one watches batman anymore so you are lonley! :(

I wish I could spell everything correctly!

@cproger, Granted but the rest of us spell incorrectly making your correct spelling, in fact, incorrect.

I wish I had 3 hands!

Granted, but the 3d hand is completly useless.

I wish I was a car.

Granted, now bend over while we give you a good crank.

I wish Ford would bring back the Model T.

Granted. It's brought back in the form of a Hot Wheels Toy Car :)

I wish Matt Smith could always be the Doctor on Doctor Who.

Granted, he dies. :(

I wish no one would find out whatI do on my computer :o

Granted, your computer blows up and no one, not even you can see what you do on your computer!

I wish I the work-week was only 4 days long, 3 days long, no wait, 2 days long, 1 day long........I wish I got paid for being me.

Granted, you were fired because being you was not the solution the company needed.

I wish my GPA was as high as gas prices

Granted -- but the planet just ran out of gas so the gas prices are 0.

I wish I was a mountain climber

Granted, "I hope you can climb down fast, there is an avalanche coming!"