Granted. But, wish if you could be able to carry the pigs shit.

I wish to be alone

Granted, but nobody uses it and it just slowly dies and fails heehee


I wish to be alone

granted, but you get bored of it

I wrote the below post, but it felt wrong. So let me say this, go make as many games as you want, but make it a side job. My dad told me never to make your hobby into your career because you will come to hate it. He does electronics. He's one of the best in the business. He wishes he'd went and become a doctor.
(Most of the doctors he's met wish they'd gone into something else, but that's another story.)
So go have fun. But bear in mind it's a rough world out there for creative artists trying to make a living.

I wish for you to make video games and be very happy doing it.

I got this one.
Let me kill your dreams right now.
Game development, according to a grad student I knew while I was finishing my Bachelor's, is a fast way to kill your soul.
And I sort of understand where he's coming from.
Imagine doing what you love, but now add deadlines. Then come customer complaints. Writer's block. Office politics. Low pay. Pleasing investors. Competition from across the globe. Draining every last ounce of creativity from your aching brain. Knowing that ungrateful ___s around the world gorging themselves on consumer entertainment will amuse themselves for a time with your masterpiece then throw it away. Unless something flashier and shinier grabs their attention first, leaving your carefully crafted work of art ignored and untouched.
All this adds up.

Have a look at the Humble Bundles, Indie Bundles, Bundle Stars, etc. etc. I can buy someone's game that they spent 10,000+ hours on for pennies.

I'm not a Rap fan, but B.O.B.'s lament "Airplanes" puts this into clear perspective.

My wish: I wish that it wasn't like this.

PS: I do firmware. No illusions so no disappointments. The work is challenging. The pay is good. No one will ever know my name - not like Sid Meiers, "Notch", American McGee, Chris Metzen, Gabe Newell, Roberta Williams, John Carmack, John Romero, or Cris Taylor - but I know the products I work on will play a small part in helping lots of people. And that's nice.

granted you are now a tree choppin', shotgun totin' hill billy that always wanted to fix one them thar computers.

I wish I had better wishes

Granted. You will get egoistic and that might lead you to fail in your life.

I wish to be rejected by everyone.

Request denied.

I wish PI was an integer.

Granted: But now PI will be equal to zero.

I wish to be an adventurer.

Granted: You set off on your first adventure and fall out the door as you set off on your first adventure and become paralyzed

I wish I could could see the outcome of what I say before I say it

was hoping for a skyrim joke, but anyway
Granted: Now you will never want to say anything again, because every thing that you say from now on will have a negative outcome.

I wish I could have ridiculous metabolism and become super compact.