Granted and every time you are selected --> :'( smiley

I wish I can have a dolphin

Granted: You have a dolphin but unfortunately it likes human mean so when you dive in the pool to swim with it...

I wish I was the smartest person in the world

Granted. Your head swells up bigger than your house while you are in it and it crushes you in the process.

I wish I was a bra.

Granted. But you tur- Wait I don't see any problems with that.. Carry on!

I wish i was a Ninja walrus.

Granted. But without hands you cannot fend off the Killer Whale Assassin and you are eaten.

I wish I had no bugs in my code when I programmed.

- WolfShield

Granted. But your programs are limited to a single line and only display "Hello, world!". Forever. Mwahahaaa!

I wish I had a brand new laptop computer.

Granted, but you can only have the one attached hereto bonus: click to enlarge ;)


I wish there was an amazing online forum where I could have my programming questions
answered and have fun with other geeks...oh, wait!

Okay: I wish for the Linux Mint 30 OS!

Granted. Oops, not get the Franklin Mint OS...that will only output ads for stupid collectibles.

I wish DaniWeb's Google "Farmer/Panda" problems were fixed. (Ruin this one if you dare!)

100 little bugs in the code,
100 little bugs,
Fix the bug, link in the fix,
101 little bugs in the code

Google fixes the DaniWeb "Farmer/Panda" problems, but introduces other bugs that completely
mess up the way DaniWeb looks (buttons in weird places, forums missing, etc.).

I wish for a $250,000 dollar a year job!

- WolfShield

Granted: You have to work 24/7 and never get to spend the money because you are so busy

I wish there was 10 days in the week and 5 of them were weekends

Granted: However, you have to work the weekends, and only get one day off a week.

I wish I could work from home, all of the time. (Good luck :))

- WolfShield

Granted. You are turned into a vacuum cleaner.

I wish I was completely out of debt. Car, house, credit cards, alimony...

Granted. Everything is taken from you, and you are out on the streets.

I wish nothing changes.

Granted, time stops. Because of that Bender was not invented, so you don't really exist.

I wish a Cuban Cigar

Granted: You choke, and die from lung cancer.

I wish for indestructible sunglasses.

Granted: They are made of heavy metals and cause neck problems.

I wish I had more free time.

Granted. You are in prison. You have all the free time you could ever want.

I wish I was young and in excellent shape.

granted: you are a brand new box

I wish I could eat whatever I wanted

Granted: You die because of over-eating

I wish that I did not wish anything

Granted : And after that you want to wish all the time but you cannot..

I wish everyday is a sunday

Granted: Every day is 105 degrees out with no clouds.

I wish for a new sports car.

- WolfShield

Granted, you get a new sports car and crash and die.

I wish to go to MIT

Granted, you go to MIT and get kicked out of it after the first exam session.

I wish a job where I could work 4 hours a day, so I would have much free time to do what I want.

Granted, you have to cut grass from 1PM to 5 PM and you get $1 per day.

I wish to graduate from MIT

granted: you graduate with a "staring blankly" degree

I wish I didn't have alergies

Granted: now you have scabies :D

I wish i can fly jet

Granted. But the "jet" that powers your flight causes you to ruin a pair of perfectly good pants <eww>.

I wish nothing bad would ever happen to me. :)

Granted: Your life becomes perfect and you get bored and commit suicide.

I wish to graduate MIT computer engineering, with perfect grades, and get a nice job!

And stop ruining my wishes! :)

Granted: You have every thing perfect regarding your graduation and job :D but..... imperfect wife and home and neighbors... you pick up a fight with every person you talk to and you start taking Antidepressants :D........ But you have ur perfect job and perfect graduation .....

I wish everyone's wish come true :)