I wish Blackcathacker had remembered to post a wish so that I could have something to ruin.


wish granted: From now one you will be sent to hell romancing 10 fat men

I wish I would be a Superhero


Granted. As soon as you get older, you'll forget everything you already knew and you'll get more dumb than a door..

I wish I was not so fat.


yeah you're not, but you're so thin and weak and can be easily blown away by the wind.. whoooooosh~

i wish i could enter pictures or drawings like Blue then go back to real world ..


wish granted: U r failed

My wish is i could have PC which never can by attacked by any virus, worm, trojen or anything.


wish granted -- you get a computer with no motherboard, CPU, memory or hard drive.

I wish to go on vacation to Australia.

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wish granted: Your boss rejected your proposal.....hahaha

LOL I don't have a boss :)

Wish granted -- you are now only live in comic books.

I wish I were an Olymbic swimming champion with 50 gold metals.


Trying to decide if the typos are purposely there AD!

Wish granted - You try to swim all your medals on to show off and drown.

I wish that teleportation accurate to 1 metre existed, would save me a two hour commute!


wish granted:
You can now teleport to anywhere but whenever you teleport you will lose your clothes from where you teleported since they are not part of your body

I wish i will be a billionaire

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Wish granted but after controlling flow of time for more than 5 seconds you will be older than more 10 years

i wish i could by an iPad


Wish granted.. You are walking around the streets showing off your iPad and a robber snatch it from you.

I wish to own a bakery shop as I love chocolates and cakes..

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hahaha....i will never do that

Wish Granted
you bakery is opened but no customer came bcoz you ate all cakes & chocolates.

I wish i will find a treasure of pirate hidden on an island far away from india


Wish granted
after eating for several days you will die because overeating stopped working of your lever, stomach, etc.

I wish i will ride a dragon

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The dragon will eat you.

I wish I could wish for whatever i want without having anything happen to me :)


and nothing bad ever happens period!

Wish granted... you are now narcissistic

I think i win :)

Yup, confirmation of granted wish.... :)

I wish I had Einstein's grasp of mathematics, when he was alive of course. ;)

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Wish granted. You only had his grasp of mathematics while he was alive. You lost it as soon as he passed.

I wish I could become invisible at will.


Wish granted. You died in a car accident while you was invisible :D
I wish I get powers of hulk. Time to smash >)


Wish granted... Thor's hammer traps your hand (like in the Movie: Avengers).
I wish i were an ostrich with teeth :)

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