Granted, then the admin closed it.

I wish no one can ruin my wish.

Granted, its the ONLY wish to ever come true.

I wish to not have to sleep.

Granted, your spouse looks at you weird each night because it looks like you stare at her all night.

I wish i was a donkey

granted, but you look a lot worst than donkey in shrek
i wish i was mentally ill

Granted, you end up dying.

I wish i had 3 more wishes!

Wish granted. You are granted 3 More wishes, the 3 wishes of Sir Thomas More, of which none were successful.

Sir Thomas More's first wish was that King Henry VIII not divorce Catherine of Aragon, but this wish was superseded by the King's wish to divorce her.

Sir Thomas More's second wish was that King Henry VIII would get his act together and subject himself to the formidable authority and power of the Catholic Church. This wish was superseded by the King's wish to give the pope some what-for, and to kick out the Church's authority and influence using devastating methods of economics and brutality.

Sir Thomas More's third wish was that King Henry VIII would break from his tradition of beheading people who got in his way, hoping not to be punished for opposing the wishes of the King. This wish was superseded by the King's wish and Sir Thomas More was beheaded.

I wish we could grow crops of Persimmon here in the UK.

Granted, your crops go bad anyway...

I wish i was a computer virus.

granted, but your so weak that you'll be annihilated fast

i wish i was fast as Flash

Granted, but you are so clumsy you can't run more than 5 feet without falling

I wish I could have a burrito

Granted, you now have a diareha.

I wish i had a hot girlfriend ;)


Now what are you going to do about that burning sensation south of the beltway.

I wish for a cute friendly animal that will grant my every wish.

Granted, it became road kill.

I wish I was a monkey

granted; however you are captured and used in ebola virus research.

I wish my cute friendly animal comes back to life and eats that mean person who ran over him.

Granted, it became road kill again

I wish I was TnTinMn

Granted. You wake up, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and it suddenly dawns on you the meaning of: "Be careful what you wish for".

I wish for chocolate-strawberry milkshake.

@AD - What is a TnTinMn - good question! Answer: old fart playing child's game with a child.

LOL I get it now! This old fart has a hard time keeping up with children playing children's games :) Back to Diablo 3 :)

Granted, you get sick because the strawberries went bad

I wish I was Ancient Dragon playing Diablo 3 ;)

Granted, but the in the horror caused by realizing your previous wish to be an old fart, you have just wished to be an older one who while playing an online game had his computer hacked, his identity stolen, all his financial assets stolen so the power company has turned off the electricty due to lack of payment thereby preventing you from playing the game. (that's one of the worst sentences I have ever typed. I'm proud of it!! :)))

I wish all politicians ceased to exist.

granted, the whole world is now in a state of anarchy.

I wish I could eat all the ice cream I wanted without gaining an ounce.

Granted, but I doubt that you will enjoy the purgative effect necessary to achieve that.

Do you really believe that to have managed govermental service that you need a bunch self serving politicians?

since no wish was given, I will give one.

I wish I had a private jet.

wish granted but ur private jet cannot fly because while delivery of plane it gets damaged.

I wish if i had charizard being my guardian pokemon

your charzard evolved and got stuck into a pokeball and would never come out.

I wish there was pure happiness in the world.

commented: and HOW does a Charizard evolve? Please explain. Upvote if this was supposed to be funny. +0

wish granted all happiness meant to you is given to the entire world leaving you with only sadness

I wish if i had powers like hulk

Granted, you turn back into a human and the military takes you down.

I wish i was the cat in my profile picture.

wish granted, you will be like the cat in your profile picture & scratching the post only & no doing anything else

I wish if I could have my own planet

Granted, a black hole "eats" it.

I wish no one's wishes can affect me.

Granted, your wish now can affect your own wish

I wish if i could ride ferrari on the straight road without any traffic

granted, you were drunk and ran into a building.

I wish I was LeBron james.