granted, a shark came and you know the rest.

I wish I can grow as big as a mountain.

wish granted, now you became mountain & cannot move from your place.

I wish if can live for infinity.

granted, the big bang happens... you know what happens next.

I wish i can see through clothing :)

Granted, you can't switch it off.

I wish I could function without sleep.

granted, your wife kicked you out of the room for looking like a creep.

I wish i had a bird.

wish granted, you cat knows what will happen next...

I wish if I could buy any PC game for free.

Granted, pc's don't exist anymore.

I wish I can wear vinnitro's turban.

wish granted, it fixed to your head & not removing now.

I wish if could ride on superman's back

granted, he flew to high and you ended up in space.

I wish I was a chihuaha.

wish granted you became chihuahua & do potty all over in the house & now you have to stay out of the house

I wish if could have a magical lamp

Wish granted!
Whatever wish you make, your wife gets double.

I wish I had a talking dog.

@Pobunjenik, I don't have wife so your counter wish is useless.

wish granted, your dog bites you everytime after he talks

what is your wish?

oh sorry to put that one

I wish if can become thin as well as mascular

Granted, you get lazy of working out and get fat.

i wish i had webbed fingers.

wish granted, now verything you touch stick to your hand

i wish if can jump as high as a 25 floor building.

granted, you fell 25 floors.

I wish i can see through clothes :)

wish granted, you can see through your own clothes.

I wish if I can breath fire like charizard

granted, you burnt your house.

i wish i was a squid

Granted -- you were eaten by a big bear.

I wish I had a nice dog.

Granted, thieves steal your dog to win dog shows.

I wish people here would ruin wishes with more creativity.

Granted, they ruined your wish your more creatively instead.

I wish i was a bodybuilder

wish granted you were so tired after first day & thought of not continuing it.

I wish if I can get unlimited memory for my brains so I can't forget anything.

Granted, you remember every embarrassing moment you've ever had in your life.

I wish it was impossible to ruin wishes.

Granted... this game got boring because of you :)

i wish i was a bubble.

wish granted you have popped.

I wish if could shock anyone who ruin my wish

granted, we didn't feel it.

I wish I was me.

wish granted you became a cat.

I wish if I have a huge mansion

Granted, you shared a room with the boogeyman.

I wish I was a girl.

wish granted, you became an old lady