I just found this place through the cre8asite forums and am really pleased because I was just looking for a hardware forum a couple of days ago (I know naff all about hardware so be patient with me!)

I'll be the slightly confused one lurking for a little while until I get the hang of this place...

Hey sybil! Welcome ... and thank you so much for your review of DaniWeb on Cre8asite :)

Thanks for the welcome Dani (do you prefer Danielle?)!

No problem - I am on there now about to reply to your next question (just came back here to see if I was popular ;-) )

FYI - I like the nav how it is (drop downs annoy me) though I am on Cre8 because I know naff all about SEO either and I wonder if having the full set of links in the source (if you use js) might help your SEO ranking. I will post on there anyway and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will come along to answer that part of it!

Hi ... I prefer Dani. I replied to your post on Cre8asite. Just so that anyone else who might want to join in on this conversation knows what on earth is going on, we're talking about this thread: http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=30700

Having more links isn't going to help SEO ranking at all ... Each page only has a certain amount of PR weight it can transfer out to the pages it links to. Linking to more pages just means that there is more dilution and each page gets less weight transferred to it. Think of each page being like a PR pie. The more ways you cut it (the more links on the page), the thinner each slice gets. There's only so much pie ... err, PR weight, to go around, per page.

Fore more information, check out our Search Engine Strategies forum: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/forum147.html

Welcome aboard bud. Hope we can help you out here :)

a lot of people really know there stuff on here. I'm head of my class, but I'm low on the list around here. Learning tons of things everytime I log in.