It's looking to be a sci-fi heavy summer in 2011, with a few good science fiction films having been released even in the past few months(like Battle for L.A.)

What Sci Fi events are you guys on Dani, looking forward to most?

I'll get us started:

For me films like Green Lantern are really looking interesting as even though it's a superhero flick, the subject matter is heavily science fiction related.

For TV, I am also looking forward to Falling Skies:

Falling Skies Site

Falling Skies New Trailer

Which is coming in June, a time that can't come soon enough. I actually have a little more build for this as I also work for the marketing company that is handling the campaigning for TNT.

The trailers really make it look appealing as the characters seem pretty well thought out, as well as the situation.

What Sci Fi are you guys looking forward to in the next few months?

That... looks... AWESOME!!! I haven't watched SciFi in awhile besides the big name movies, but I thought I heard (and I would love if anyone could link to further info) that 'Mass Effect is in the works, animation and a movie. that would be my dream sciFi right now. or more Star Trek :-D