Simple game just give a funny answer of the question in above post and then ask another question

Question: What do you think when you look up in the sky?

Nice Game Idea :)

i should have been an astronaut

what do you think when you look down at the ground?

Breaking News: Ex-president Clinton was caught cheating! Her husband was shocked!

Where is my left sock?

- WolfShield

The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

When a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

- WolfShield

funny :)

By attaching rocket boosters to it! :)

If one guy programs on a green computer, a second guy programs on a red computer, and a
third guy programs on a blue computer, what color computer does the monkey program on?

- WolfShield

Nope, i am not. I am still in High School

What took you so long to come back to daniweb?

your too young..
i'm busy in my study and i don't know that daniweb is a very useful site :)

why are you here in daniweb?

No i am not. I know nothing about programming but i am a hardware helper.

So which university are you planning to go?

ah i see..

i already finish my college..
i'm now working as a computer programmer..(although i know few things in programming haha)

how about you? which university are you planning to go?

good luck to you :)
i join daniweb because i'm finding a solution on my program its debugging and i ask Google then Google gave me Daniweb and Daniweb answer my question. Thanks to daniweb i finish my program in time :)

What course will you take ?

i don't have a girlfriend and i don't want a girlfriend. i want a Boyfriend :D

what do you think is my gender?

Female, since your name is Joan and have a good sense of humour. Am i wrong

What do you think i want to be when i grow up

then why did you ask me if i have a girlfriend ? :D
your question must be "do you have a boyfriend : :p

you want to be knight and serve the people in England.

why did you like that ?

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