Simple game just give a funny answer of the question in above post and then ask another question

Question: What do you think when you look up in the sky?

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i should have been an astronaut

what do you think when you look down at the ground?

I should buy a new pair of shoes :)

What is in your hand?

Fingers :P

Who was on the phone ?

My Boss

what are you thinking ?

...I can't tell you that...

What happened: "Once apon a time..."?

there was a thirsty crow :D

What is today's breaking news?

Breaking News: Ex-president Clinton was caught cheating! Her husband was shocked!

Where is my left sock?

- WolfShield

On your left feet

Who will be the future knight of england?

The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

When a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

- WolfShield

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How does one make time fly?

By attaching rocket boosters to it! :)

If one guy programs on a green computer, a second guy programs on a red computer, and a
third guy programs on a blue computer, what color computer does the monkey program on?

- WolfShield

A brown one

Where can you buy a shield that has a drawing of a wolf on it?

in daniweb.

who's your favorite cartoon character?

Mickey mouse

Who is ancient and have been in daniweb for a long time contributing?

jingda :D

how old are you?


How old are you ayagi?

turning 20 :)

your lying right?


Nope, i am not. I am still in High School

What took you so long to come back to daniweb?

your too young..
i'm busy in my study and i don't know that daniweb is a very useful site :)

why are you here in daniweb?

To help others.

u think team a is going to win?

i don't think so..

are you a programmer?

No i am not. I know nothing about programming but i am a hardware helper.

So which university are you planning to go?

ah i see..

i already finish my college..
i'm now working as a computer programmer..(although i know few things in programming haha)

how about you? which university are you planning to go?

Imperial College in London

Why did you join daniweb in the first place?

good luck to you :)
i join daniweb because i'm finding a solution on my program its debugging and i ask Google then Google gave me Daniweb and Daniweb answer my question. Thanks to daniweb i finish my program in time :)

What course will you take ?

Not sure yet. maybe everything i excel in.

Do you have a girlfriend?

i don't have a girlfriend and i don't want a girlfriend. i want a Boyfriend :D

what do you think is my gender?

Female, since your name is Joan and have a good sense of humour. Am i wrong

What do you think i want to be when i grow up

then why did you ask me if i have a girlfriend ? :D
your question must be "do you have a boyfriend : :p

you want to be knight and serve the people in England.

why did you like that ?