i don't know.. i not a late comer and i don't come late in work :D

what is your job?

Software Engineer

What is available for $149

nice job..

here in the Philippines the equivalent of $149 is P7003 pesos..
you can buy a cellphone :D
and many more :D
and the best part is you can buy an airplane :D

how old are you?


What are you doing here?

Googling for my assignment :D

Will this matter a year from now? ;)


what is your assignment?

Handling software issues

Is this the last day?

no this is just the beginning.

what are you doing?

Scrolling my mouse...

What is the color of you shoe

my color of my shoes is GOLD :D

what is the color of your eyes ?

Light Brown....

What is in-front of your

my crush :D..

what time is it?

just fine :D i dream about zombies.. its pretty cool

what are you eating ?


What you do when some one tell you some secret?

write it on the water..so everybody can read.. :D

what is love?

hanging on the ceiling.

what is your favorite drink?

Tequila... it helps me get over the fact I lost my phone.

Do you read?

no, i just type :D

where did you lost your phone?

It fell in boiling milk and Got boiled itself :D

Where is my pink bag?

in your pink closet... :P

where is your socks?

You took them last week Remember????

What you did to them?

mmm i think i left it on the casserole :)

did you like the soup?

No i don't take Anyone else's food :P

You become mad now or you are mad by birth?

i don't know how to get mad :D

anyway, is mad a food? :D

That proves you are mad by birth :D

Is their any chance we can get some interesting questions?

i don't know..

what do you want?

some nice and interesting questions from everyone

what is on the right of you left foot?

left of my right foot!

What do you call a horse that cannot walk?