Hollywood's first movie studio was established in 1912. It will be celebrating it's 100 years jubilee next year.

My favorite Hollywood movie is Rocky series and favorite heroes are Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester stallone.

Post your favorite movie and the way it has affected your heart.

Basic Instinct with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Now that's a thriller!

"Deep Impact" with Elijah Wood, Maximillian Schell and Tea Leoni. A great Science Fiction movie with top stars and effects.

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"Live Free Or Die Hard" with Bruce Willis. An action thriller hacker movie, and of course an always calm Bruce Willis.

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Lord of the Rings Trilogy...It's epic, you wont ever get sick of it, people still watch the movies to this day (LOTR Marathon) and the soundtrack is just as good.

Although my favourite actor would be Christian Bale. Equilibrium was brilliant.


One of the wonderful movie which I remember that is "Mr and Mrs Smith". Its all time favorite of mine and brad pitt is my favorite hero..Thanks

"Boondock Saints" and "Strength And Honour" or "snatch"


My favorite would be Braveheart by Mel Gibson. He's not my favorite actor though. As for my favorite actor, it would be Johnny Depp

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The entire Matrix set. Great concept pushed the limits of the standards at the time.

X-MEN series, SpiderMan series, IronMan series. Suprizingly great compared to what my expecations would have been.

Arnold best all time action hero has yet to be matched.

Tommy Lee Jones was a nutcase and freakin great in "Under Seige".