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We seem to have charities like Comic Reflief (in the UK) and all sorts of events across the globe which donate millions to families in poor countries. It just made me wonder whether we should have a day devoted to Science Research? To help donate money to fight illnesses like Cancer and such which can affect us all. I'm sure people would be willing to give a few pounds to research in these areas.

It just made me wonder if you guys thought it was a good idea? Hopefully this will spark someones imagination to go out and work on it, I would, but I have no idea where to start for something like this. Daniweb seems to have people of all walks of life on here so thats why I ask and maybe we can get people to spread the word about it everywhere

The logo could be a DNA strand

You're so behind the times. With all the Mad Scientists hell bend on either conquering or destroying the world, do we really want to help fund them?

After all, Hollywood and politicians tell us this is the case, so it must be true...

Not all scientists are mad.
The problem is that the general public is simply not interested in science.

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If some of the funding went on flying cars then that sounds fun to me.

Jwenting I am not 'behind the times' I'm just not as cynical as you

This could be a good idea, but most fundings goes down the drain as soon as politics and corruption starts setting in. It could even be a week or an "International Science Month".

I think it would be a great idea!
Fundraisers and stuff for increasing science knowledge and discovery.

Some financing could also go to teens and kids for science projects they would
like to work on as well. A friend and I have had some ideas (one of which could help
with the gas bill problem, if it works), but we have been held back for want of money.

Anyway, anything that helps in teaching or discovering knowledge is usually a good thing!
(I say 'usually' because I don't think all the money the government is giving
to the military for "scientific research" is going to a great cause.)

- WolfShield