I am considering continuing my so far failed attempt at recieving my degree in computer science... But I have lost all means of payment. My parents have declared bankruptcy and I work dead-end jobs when I can and am currently unemployed. I am 23 and will be 24 in April 06. Do any of you have advice as far as grants or other means of free education? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Well, you don't say how you failed. Is it a matter of bad grades?

For starters, why not start working full time at something productive and saving up? Most scholarships are based on need, anyway.


If you're in the US, look at Pell Grants and Work/Study. Unless your grades were bad, you should get those. There should be some way of paying for college.

...All else fails, interest on a student loan isn't that bad. Get one, bust your hump in school, and then bust your hump getting a job. You'll have that sucker paid off before you know it if you really buckle down.


Personally, I would look at the option of getting a job, then paying for Certificates like MCSE, CCNA, over the course of three years. At 23, if you need to do more than one more year, I would say, that relatively to be 26/27, and a CS Degree holder, is going to disadvantage you against people fresh out of the system, your current age.

Whilst it can seem difficult to have no job, just keep searching, take anything, any hours, get some money, and work hard. Take the first job in anything related to computing you can, and always look for something better. As soon as you can, get started on some Computing certificates, and take any experience, even if you don't get paid for it.

Whilst you are out of work, try to get some work experience in a IT Dept, (no pay of course), and if you work well, they may just find a job for you, if you are lucky. At least they might provide a good reference.

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