I think Taylor Swift is the best. What do you guys think? Remember only female singers

i like taylor swift songs. Love story and 15

Stevie Nicks or Amy Lee - hard to call.

Who likes katy perry? I hate her

well friend, I do. :)

Katy Perry is a nice refresher in the pop music. It's still pop, but doesn't have
as much 'bad girl' themes to it.

Other than her, I like: Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood. But my favorite would
have to be: Katy Perry.

- WolfShield

hey i like taylor swift too. What songs do you like?

Lale Andersen singing "Lili Marleen"

i love...
miley cyrus.
taylor swift
katy perry
and hmmmmm... Pussy Cat Dolls hehe


Chrissie Hynde

and hmmmmm... Pussy Cat Dolls hehe

Love them too ;)

But my favorite female singer is Michael Jackson

You guys are funny. I said favourite female singer means you can only choose one.Ayagi choose 5 and Michael Jackson is not a female.

i love them all.. :D
haha sorry