Hi, Every One From All over the world.. I am Rashid Ali from Pakistan... I found this site from Google search Engine... I am not Software designer.... I have interest in IT filed... Now days i want to do get info about Software development and software editing... I hope In this forum all senior member will be help me... I say to all Thanks in Advance :) And I hope they all will be cooperate with me in any section or help.
God Bless you.

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welcome to daniweb. YOu will meet a lot of posters here that is also from pakistan

Thanks Mr. jingda.... Its surprise for me that here is also Software developers from Pakistan.. I can be also learn from them in my Mother Language too. Can you tell me how to Found them all?


occasionally you will see pakistan posters all over different thread. There are mac or windows thread and software developers thread. Maybe by luck you will meet a few of them, and pakistan posters are quite smart too. Hope you enjoy your stay

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