Although this has appear in the news for the past few days, does anyone here have a sony playstation or other console and did you get hacked. I am a Xbox 360 user so i am glad that my data are still safe. I pity those sony users, sony reputation have gone down the drain already. What do you guys think about sony being hack

How do you know Xbox 360 user have not been secretly hacked?

From what I understand, the Sony Playstation network was taken down for like a week after the attack, meaning that no Playstation games could be played over the Internet. It turns Sony into a laughingstock IMO. (Think of it as Microsoft taking xbox live down indefinitely).

How do you know Xbox 360 user have not been secretly hacked?

I don't know if Xbox have been hack before because i just use it for a year and nothing seems to happen to me.

I'm more interested in founding out who did it. Most of my friends think it was a disgruntled former employee.

Me too. The person who hack sony hae either a few reasons. First he is an Xbox fan and hate Sony. Second he is trying to show the world he is a great hacker ( He has already done that ). Third, he has nothing better to do. Which one do you think is the seems correct?

I would better play with my ball, i mean the ball i brought, rather sony xbox, com'on, move on, release some sweat pls!! :P

I bet Microsoft did it! lol