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I remember in the early nineties or late nineties there was a programme called Passenger ( abit of a culture show etc, when the censors were letting go and the channels were pushing the boundaries of entertainment before it got into total boring rubbish as it is now) where a hacker had his computer stolen and they went after the guys who stole it. To cut a long story short they practiced going round a local park with walky talkies after which they phoned the pizza place caused a bit of hassle to the people who stole the laptop after which the TV programme showed them hacking into the electric company computer in order for the electric to be shutdown so they could enter the house since the logic would follow live in a big city go out until the electric comes back on. Hence the person got their laptop back and just watching that just reminded me of that TV programme.


Nice video. A bit too much vulgar. And the terminal stuff i can do it also. Can't really tell he is a hacker. Overall a good and funny video. Nice Nick

Keylogger is coo but g*y.
Don't bother backing up your stuff as it will end up getting stolen
Don't f*** around with a hacker computer

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