Today is Friday the 13, have anyone struck any bad luck so far. I figured by the time you look at this thread it will be over but did you giys experience any ill omens like falling down or missing the bus when you are always punctual.

My grandaughter was born on a Friday the 13th. For her 13th birthday my son bought her the complete collection of Friday the 13th movies. She is now 24.

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My manager left the organization today. :-/

My whole school went on the field trip to disney. I didn't go lol :)

Yesterday is Friday the 13 today is Saturday the 14. Have you bad omens left you or you still have any bad luck

No bad luck here. Just a regular Friday.

Can't remember ever having anything particularly bad happen to me on a Friday the 13th.

Should we celebrate Halloween on Friday the 13

I'm back from working 7 hours now and nothing unusuall happened today (Friday the 13 th). But I didn't really expect any either.

I love Friday the 13th - I get everyone's good luck.

Today was the end of my first full week of work in about 2 months - been sick with one thing or another at least a couple hours every week for almost 14 weeks.

I am still trying to recover, sigh!

I think the, Just a regular Friday.