A new simple game Say something about the Signature of the person above you..... :)

You change your signatures really often! I remember you used to have a different one!

You signature is soo boring, I stopped reading it after the 3rd word!

Why your dog ate you signature was it made of delicious meat :P

Why don't you have a signature?

You have links in your signature?

According to me signature is like a snapshot of your personality. Do you know when you sign your name in a personal or professional communication;

commented: Based on your comment, your signature tells us you are a SPAMMER! Not a good personality... +0

You dont have a signiture!

one day your dog will eat you also, so change your dog and also signature..

In this current world, the innocent cheated while the intellignet are being cheated.

And it's true...

Nice philosophy. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I heard this quote from my Comp Sci teacher

I had to google that to figure it out. And hey, me too! Do you have a date set?

So, what you're saying is that we should "darken" the world a bit?

Tried to find you but you was not available.

Oh hey. Did you go somewhere? I hadn't noticed. ;)