I am interested to know what are the top 10 sports bike and what are their pricings. And what is your reason, they are the top sports bike. :)

Sports bike??... Are all bikes sport?... MotorX? Trail bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, motard bikes.

Or do you mean bicycles?.. BMX, Mountain, Tramp. Please explain which type of bike.

Or do you want mountain bike. Not sure whether that is what you are looking for. Can you shows us an example, or are you looking for sports motorcycles?

Well here is the First Motor bike I ever brought - Honda XR 250R, Trail bike.

The first BMX I purchased when I was into BMX (I wasn't to bad.) - Haro 2003 F1

I also have a video of me and a mate riding motor bikes from a few years ago, it was put on Youtube not to long ago, let me know if you want the link.

My mates have some decent Race bikes.

My mate Juddy owns a CRF 250 which he comes first in almost every race in the 250 class.

His brother brody rides a smaller CRF 150 which he comes 1st 2nd 3rd almost every race.

Then the A grade, Nugget who owns a KTM 450, can't think of what it actually is... wins every race.

hi, my favorite sports bike is Hayabusa 1300cc and i am crazy about this bike.