Check out this link and you should know what to look out for when using facebook especially against scammers and hackers.

Here is the link

I don't know how people still fall for these.

Facebook IS the scam.
Click through the years, see how the blue "privacy" (joke) spreads with the passing of years. Between their screw-ups, and your ignorance, you may as well just jump in a tar pit, run through a quilt factory and have a big "kick my ass" sign tattooed on your arse. You deserve to be ridiculed and kicked at every opportunity.

The rest is just decoration for the cake.

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This is somewhat off-topic (being about Facebook user's oversight instead of a scam), but anyhow, perhaps something to be aware of.

:| How Facebook ruined Thessa's 16th birthday party

Now, that's something to take note of.;)

And once again - I don't have Facebook account)

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So you are just posting here for the sake of posting, rather than to contribute anything even vaguely relevant to the thread then, AliTheChamp? Which leads me to ask the question: why?

He's probably going to add a few spam-links to his signature and/or profile in the future when he has a nice post-count. Look at his location in his profile: "Mahilyowskaya Voblasts', Belarus"; that reminds me of a small problem we had with spam a few months back...