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Facebook IS the scam.

Click through the years, see how the blue "privacy" (joke) spreads with the passing of years. Between their screw-ups, and your ignorance, you may as well just jump in a tar pit, run through a quilt factory and have a big "kick my ass" sign tattooed on your arse. You deserve to be ridiculed and kicked at every opportunity.

The rest is just decoration for the cake.

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well said

So you are just posting here for the sake of posting, rather than to contribute anything even vaguely relevant to the thread then, AliTheChamp? Which leads me to ask the question: why?


He's probably going to add a few spam-links to his signature and/or profile in the future when he has a nice post-count. Look at his location in his profile: "Mahilyowskaya Voblasts', Belarus"; that reminds me of a small problem we had with spam a few months back...

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