hi everyone.

my name is arda, and i'm student at beykent university,istanbul. istanbul is the most inspiring city in the world.

my first year in university. so i dont know enough about software development. i saw daniweb on the internet. Daniweb has very helpful community and there are many nice people.

its enough for now, my best regards.

sorry about my bad language.

Selam, hoş geldin.

You can learn many things from DaniWeb, especially when you start helping others. Do not forget to checkout other related sites too.

Always stay with GNU and Linux.

Hello, Arda.

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums. We are glad you joined us.

Are your university studies related to software development? If so, these forums are definitely going to be a useful resource for you over the next few years, and even after that, if you end up working in the software development field.

See you around the forums.