I would like to ask you to share with us your experiences in situations, where you suddenly realized that your approach to solution was stupid. And by taking other angle to problem it became easy. Or you thought one question and realized later that actually you should have asked another question ie "You were barking the wrong tree.".

Nobody shared anything, so maybe everybody likes it in their box, or those experiences are too precious to share.

Anyway, here is the story. having a Nokia E7 smart phone with qwerty keyboard, it has hurt me not to be able to install Python to my device like I did for my Nokia N82 with Symbian 3rd edition Feature Pack 1. Why not? Because there is not version for Symbian^3, the one after 5th edition.

Today I got crazy idea: maybe I tried to install my old installer, but how about the version which is one step closer to my current OS, the version for 3rd edition FP2?

And it worked! (insert trumpets from heaven and dancing angels singing with ethereal voice)

So backward compatibility does happen sometimes!

How about this:

I struggled for a couple hours trying to twist a gear off of its axle - the axle was 3 inches diameter and the gear was approximately 24 inches in diameter. I sprayed it with wd40, pried at the gear, whacked the gear all to no avail.

Then I shifted perception and got the gear off.

Instead of trying to take the gear off the axle, I took the hammer and removed the axle from the gear - I propped the gear up and whacked the axle and it came right out.