Finals today Australia vs New Zealand. Who will win? Stay tune;)

Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi,oi,oi!

I am supporting Aussies too. But the Silver Fern are proving to be a worthy oppenent too. Maybe that is because they are world number 1. Are you watching the show now, Crunchie?

Who wants to watch a bunch of women running around in short skirts?

Hmmm, wait a minute :D

Aussie win!!!!!!! Yeah!1!!:)

Its just a difference by 1 point. Aussie 57, New Zealand 56. Close shave, phew. Hooray to all Aussie Supporter and all Australians here. Hip, hip hooray!

Sorry the score is wrong. Is 58-57. Any other Australians here beside you?

Well it was a nail biting moment for all sport lovers, I supported “New Zealand” and my heart was in the mouth in during the last few minutes play. The Australians just managed to keep their nerve until the final alert. So hats off to the winning team.

Next Mission Foods World Netball Championships 2011 will be held in Sydney 2015. Anyone here excited?