Hi folks! :D

Hey, can you remember those?


And many others... :)

I was just playing around the forum and checking very old threads, when this forum was just starting. ;)

I wasn't a member then, because I joined this forum in 2009.
So can you remember THIS site?! :)

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WOW... Time flies so fast.... When daniweb started I'm just a nobody-kid back then...

How old were you then? :)
I was 10 years old in 2006. I think this is the year when DaniWeb started.

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.... The links go to a thread posted in 2002.

Oh Wow..........:ooh:
that time i was in secondary school and we didn't allow to touch the computers without permission of our computer teacher.
time flies so fast
now i have my own Desktop n Laptop.

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How old were you then? :)
I was 10 years old in 2006. I think this is the year when DaniWeb started.

I think I'm already 13 when they started it in 2002. Back then I'm just a computer addict who loves Counter Strike 1.3


Heh heh heh, I bet you kids never had an 8MB graphics card named "Rage".

<shudder> the ATI Rage IIC

We are lucky. We have many technologies and languages developed for us. But it's also a pain to learn all these high-level things that isolates us completely from the machine, so we have to learn what you've learnt too to know how things actually work. :)
I'm more interested in low-level stuff, but at the same time I love to program in high-level languages and technologies so life is easier, but I don't like to spend all my programming time on high-level stuff only.

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feeling nostalgic
DaniWeb is still there, just wow!
Reminds me of my first days of experience with programming, was such a noob but excited and motivated lol...


You've been away for quite some time.

Yeah, six years. Lots have changed.

I used to be mostly on the C++ tag in the Programming section. It still has some activity, but many old contributers are no longer active since years ago. I remember Dragon or something, and Nauro too.

What are the current plans to revive this community? I have childhood memories here! xD


Sadly, Ancient Dragon died a while back. Several other members are nbow posting under other usernames. Dani is preparing to roll out some major (details unavailable) changes to try to revitalize Daniweb after taking a major hit from Google (their changes to the ranking system penalized forum-style sites).

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