Skies are blue and the temperature is a warm 23C with an expected high of 26C. Loving it when I walk out of the office.

Random rain came out.

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It's around 70 degree. It's a nice and sunny day.

Raining at the moment. The ice came off the lake on Friday and my wife went for a (very) brief dip on Sunday

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cloudy and rainy.

Sunny, 10 C with a high of 19 C. It's going to be a very nice day.

The ice came off the lake on Friday and my wife went for a (very) brief dip on Sunday

You are kidding!!! I live on the med, in Cyprus, the sea 100mtrs away, no way would I go in there till at least July, far too cold!!

It was more for the bragging rights than for the sheer pleasure of it, I'm sure.

It is raining for a long time, the whole day actually, I cant sit on my deck today. :(

It's a beautiful day at the cottage except for a little interference from the local wildlife (check out my new hat). The little buggers don't seem to be afraid of anything.


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LoL RJ, I've never seen anything like that! Now that's being at one with nature!

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@RJ, that is amazing. I can't believe the little guy can feel nice and cozy on your head like that.

That is absolutely real. Once they get a taste for peanuts there is no stopping them. They'll even scoot into your shirt pocket to look for food.

And you should see the bears.

Sunny. hot, with snow and floods.

Kinda difficult to answer that in the UK here. I asked a Polish friend who had recently moved here what the weather was typically like in Poland. He said, "We get four seasons..... a year..." It's very changeable.

In the California desert it will be a cool 110 deg F (43 deg C) in the shade today.

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It's officially summer! It's a nice sunny day!

Started out nice sunny day but now its pouring down rain. Something (probably lightening) turned my TV off and back on! First time I've seen that happen.

It started out yesterday such a nice day a friend of mine went out motorcycling. He got caught up in traffic on the freeway (similar to German autobahn's) and it started pouring down rain. Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him (not! :) )

In Bangalore, India, cloudy

raining -- lots of thunder early this morning.

A warm but cloudy day in Bangalore, India

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He he. The sun's out. Well, that must be our summer over and done with in Wales. Seeing as we get 364 days of rain every year, I reckon I've got 20 years worth of sun tan cream still in the one bottle. :)

Always brings a smile to my face when the kids ask what's that yellow thing in the sky.

Couldn't be nicer. Had three beautiful days in a row. Even got out windsurfing a few times. I guess I'm not getting too old for this <stuff> yet. Had a black bear saunter by our front door a couple of days ago, however. We're a little noisier now. Bears don't like to be surprised.

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It rained heavily in Kolkata(India) yesterday and today the weather is freakish - around 30'ish but has cooled now in the evening.

It was pretty hot yesterday here. It is supposed get to 97f (36c) today with 76% humidity. Thank god for air conditioning.

pissing down, for a nn exceptional Canada-day

Bangalore, India. Cloudy as it becomes at this time of the year