The wind will push the golfball right off the green. Now that is bad weather!

Snowed again last night, only a couple inches though.

latitude Mechelen, Belgium 51°01'
latitude Winnipeg, Canada 49°53'
So I live somewhat more north than you.
Here we have 5°C at night, in the day it will be 10°C. A bit rainy.
A whopping 30°C difference!

Yeah, you Europeans get the warm ocean current smashing on your coasts, while we get it on its way back from Greenland!

I live in Montreal, Canada, 45°30′N. Today, it's -16°C / -10°C.
At the same latitude, there is Venice, Italy, where it's now 8°C / 11°C, or La Rochelle, France, where it's now 4°C / 7°C.
And I used to live in Kiruna, Sweden, 67°51'N (above the arctic circle). Currently, it's -7°C / -5°C over there. That's 1,400 km farther north, and still warmer than here!

-28, feels like -35! It's like a spring day here!

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Ahh, 7 am and it's a hot -22 with a feel of -29. Honestly, it's not too bad compared to what the rest of our winter has been.

Yeah, you Europeans get the warm ocean current smashing on your coasts, while we get it on its way back from Greenland!

Yes and it's that warm ocean current and the jet stream that means that currently a flood warning map for the UK looks like this


And of course being British we never actually expected bad weather to be an issue for us and were rather caught on the hop.

I of course write this as one of the lucky people not currently having to deal with any flood water.

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I remember posting here about flooding about a month ago. No change. About to get even worse. Winds today uprooted lines of firs and deciduous alike in woods behind the house. Pretty vicious - although not mega-fast - seem to have a lot more "body" to them.

Icy, it rained last night and now it's all ice. Schools are all closed again today. There has been so many school snow days this year the kids will probsbly be in school all summer (Yea!)

We've had record cumulative snow fall this, I think going back around 60 years. In saying that, I think there's been one maybe two school cancellations. We just got more snow, there was at least 2-3 inches on my sidewalk when I woke up yesterday.

They close all schools here at the very thought of snow. I recall one year they closed all the schools and we didn't even get one snowflake!

I don't recall ever missing a day of school because of snow and from grades 1-12 I lived in the country. It was 1/4 mile walk to school (not uphill and into the wind both ways though). My dad was superintendant of Public Works and our municipality had a great record for keeping the roads ploughed. And, yes, that probably explains all the beatings I got from the kids at school ;-)

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Stuugie: LoL, we don't miss a beat in this province when it comes to snow.

In my case I didn't miss a beating.

Ouch life RJ, ouch life!

Heavy rain followed by negative temperatures = black ice... black ice everywhere :O. (Waterloo, ON... I think Toronto, ON too)

We had a bit of warmth where temperatures got to either 0 or close (ish) to 0 C but now we're back into the cold. Winnipeg Weather

Where is 'here' UOPIUS?

Reminds me of a scene from Annie Hall. The therapist asks both Woody and Diane (separately) how often they have sex.

ANNIE: Almost constantly - 3-4 times a week.
WOODY: Almost never - 3-4 times a week.

A day or so ago it got to +1C here and I considered that t-shirt weather.

It's a raisin day today in Winnipeg...ahem...Winterpeg. Brrrrrrrrrr.

-33 C and feels like -43 C. Winnipeg is freezing over!

Yeah, but compared to yesterday when we had winds gusting to 64 kph today seems pretty mild. The steps I had carved into the snow to get out of my yard disappeared in the wind so I had to carve them out again today.

"They" say that we're experiencing our coldest winter in 75 years. I'm only 40 but I won't argue. It seems we've had a lot of snowfall this year too which hasn't been the case in the last (at least) 20 years of my remembering.

It's been one helluva winter!

I've got 15 years on you and this is the worst one, temperature wise at least, that I can recall.