Sunny and pretty warm.

40cm of snow is forecast and it's already coming down pretty hard.

Hot. Very hot here.. Mid 30s Celsius high for the past few days.

@Ketsuekiame Wow 40cm already! where about in the UK is that? I'm in Merseaside. Liverpool city center isn't too bad because it is a city but where I live (about 30 mins from Liverpool) it was about 5cm at 8am.

Same here. A cold "wave" just hit Romania. Tormorrow's forcast shows us that the temperatures will drop down to -11C.

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sunny cloudy

Sunny, warm, and clear skies.

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Cold wish it would snow.

Philippines Manila is so hot in here...
27 °C as of 9:10 AM UTC/GMT +8 hours

Bright, sunny, clear skies (almost clear)

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Very chilly

68f / 20c - Not bad for this part of the world at this time of the year.

24c here today, lovely... warming up nicely for summer!

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42C / cold

42C / cold

!??! Think you mean F LastMitch, either that or you're really hot blooded!!

74f / 24c today. Very unusual weather for this time of year here. I am not complaining btw. This is awesome and I am loving it.

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!??! Think you mean F LastMitch, either that or you're really hot blooded!!

You are correct. I mistype that.

It's actually raining and its's 44F.

Very warm and sunny day. Animals are popping out for spring time. Even saw a snake stalking a bunny.

in Bangladesh, now hot has come & it's rainy today.

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a bit cold

Same here. I wish it will be over soon. I prefer sunny and windy weather. What about you?

i don't think it is summer yet ;)

Well here in Cyprus it's just starting to warm up nicely, around 23c daytime, and I'm just getting ready to go for a few cold beers and watch my ex-local(uk) footie team in a trophy final, woo, woo come on Southend United!

beautiful spring day here near St Louis Missouri (USA):)

Oh well! We lost 2-0, never mind, it's only a game, beer was good though!

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a little gloomy so far but it should get brighter.